For those that take the steps to operate a restaurant franchise in Colorado, one of the most important aspects is what kind of food will be served. There are sub sandwich franchises, burger franchises, and Mexican franchises all across the state, but if you’re about to become a Yolanda’s Tacos franchisee, one thing you can count on is that you will be serving delicious and authentic food to every person that visits your restaurant. Our recipes are always fresh and traditional, and offer something for every taste.

Yolanda’s serves much more than tacos, and our menu includes tostadas, burritos, and much more. Customers can choose a taco salad or nachos as an appetizer, and then enjoy a main course of entrees filled with chicken, beef, pork, and other options prepared in various ways. We also have several salsa and sauce options, including habanero, mango, and pico de gallo. Add in a side of homemade chips and fresh guacamole, and everyone will have the perfect Mexican meal to enjoy. Your franchise will be built on the regular customers that come in for their favorites, and you can guarantee that you’ll serve authentic cuisine each time they visit.

If you’d like more information about our recipes or how to open your own Yolanda’s restaurant franchise in Colorado, please contact us today. You can find nutritional information on everything that we serve, and we know that even though you own and operate the restaurant, you’ll take the time every so often to enjoy fine Mexican cuisine.