At Yolanda’s on Colorado Blvd. – we know the importance of using quality ingredients. Our drink menu is no exception. We believe in the difference good tequila can make, which is why we use Arta Tequila for drinks at our Colorado Boulevard location. Triple distilled for ultimate purity and versatility, Artá Tequila Silver pair’s classic agave taste with touches of citrus and honey. Made from 100% organic Weber Blue Agave matured for 8 to 10 years, each variety carries a consistency of flavor and an authenticity of character worthy of the Artá name. But this is only one type of tequila.

Here are a few different ways to identify perfect examples of each of the eight types of quality — that is, 100 percent agave — tequila. It comes in four official aging categories, which you’ll find on the label: blanco, reposado, añejo, and the relatively new extra añejo.


This can rest in any sort of container up to 60 days before bottling.


Aged 60 days to a year. (This is our favorite category: The oak-aging mellows them without killing the agave, as often happens with añejos.)


Aged on to three years in oak barrels (usually old bourbon ones).

Extra Añejo

Aged more than three years in oak barrels (sometimes with very old tequila blended in).